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Reasons for the popularity of Kawai VPC1 digital piano

Digital piano is actually a smaller version of the acoustic piano. For the portability and other so many added features, people nowadays are buying this piano. The piano is easy to handle with the smaller size of keys. It is compact and lightweight and also occupies less space in the room. In this article, I am going to discuss about Kawai VPC1 and the reasons behind the popularity of it. 

Excellence in sound quality

The Kawai VPC1 88 key Digital Piano takes the digital piano sound quality to an entirely new level. It has four powerful, high output two-way speakers, twenty watts each. It has a three pedal unit that is capable of half damping expression, and the Kawai VPC1 manages to achieve true reproduction of the rich sounds of a two grand piano. The state of art sampling engineering allows this digital piano to produce the most advanced acoustic piano sound.


Onboard effects and an Extensive Library in Kawai VPC1

The KAWAI VPC1 piano keyboard has 162 tones with layer and split. The digital effects of the piano include four types of reverb, four types of chorus, DSP, acoustic resonance and brilliance of range -3 to -1 and 1 to 3. This music library gives you plenty of tunes to play along. The song volume is adjustable with this piano.

Recorder and its functions

If you wish to record your own composition in real time and hear it play back, Kawai has thought of it earlier and equipped the piano with a recorder. The two functions of the recorder are real time recording and playback. The recording media is the built-in flash memory that we had mentioned above.

Loaded with latest advanced features


Kawai has loaded its VPC1 with heaps of advanced features. With the aid of the piano’s New Advanced Filter, the notes change and decay naturally with the realism of an acoustic piano. The new touch response sensitive system makes the sound source to respond according to the amount of pressure that is applied to the keyboard. This provides the player with an opportunity to shape and color their performances with everything from blooming experience. 

Incredible sound and feel

With the above-mentioned features, you might have guessed correctly that Kawai has built incredibly realistic grand piano sound and feel into the KAWAI VPC1. 


The website has not yet revealed about the warranty of the product. So, for the warranty, you can directly contact with the website. However, you can get three installment payment opportunity with the Amazon.

So, loaded with so many advanced features, the Kawai VPC1 is one of the most popular digital pianos. To know more about this piano, you can visit